Friday, May 2, 2008


This is probably the most recent build that I'll document, being one of the last few compiles before Beta 1 (build 5112) was signed off. By this stage, everything was back on track and Microsoft had a great OS that was ready to be tested by the public for the first time. No longer a flawed and unattainable vision, Longhorn had been reborn with new focus - and with the push for Beta 1 Microsoft was able to show off the Aero Glass theme along with the introduction of LDDM video drivers.

5098 is about ten months into the development process, and as you can see it's a huge step from 5001. In just such a short time the Longhorn team had managed to a better state from scratch than two years of development prior to that could. The major concepts were in - a DirectX 9-powered window manager, a new, easier to use version of the system shell, pervasive search throughout the OS including the Start Menu, and a new Games centre to manage the most lucrative of Windows application bases.


Giusva's said...

Hello! Can you give this file from this build???

the theme

please, I very need this file... thanks in advance ;)

O Vvvv said...

Can you please leak this build to Betaarchive? It's almost 10 years old, so MS will not care if you leak it.