Friday, June 13, 2008

June Recap, Stats, Feedback! =)

Here we are, just a few days past the blog's first month on the web. So where are we?

We've had ~3200 page views so far, with the two biggest traffic sources being aeroxperience and, with TheVista translating the posts from this blog for their readers. A great welcome to all our Russian visitors, and glad you are enjoying the site!

I've explained a little about the Longhorn VBLs (Virtual Build Labs), and had some rare, interesting information contributed. I also had a little mini-guide to extracting the WinPE version of a build from the disc.

Also, we've been through a few builds so far:


Thusfar, I think this blog has been successful, being able to bring a little bit of interesting information on Longhorn out to our readers. But what I'd really like is for some feedback! Do you have any comments/suggestions or even things you'd like to see more of on the blog? Please leave a comment on this post to share your thoughts, and spread the word!


Norman said...

i love the idea of the blog and i love longhorn, it has great reviews, screenshots, the only thing missing is: leaks :P

Grabberslasher said...

Leaks aren't gonna happen, this blog isn't that kind of blog. Anything I'm passed is kept in strict confidence.

But thanks for the kind word :)

edootje1 said...

I'd really like to see some UI concepts MS made for Longhorn.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Your blog really shows what Longhorn is all about, including stuff most people have never seen before.

I'd suggest you to show more builds (and leak them, if possible.

Щербаков said...

This blog is something that we were all waiting for. And the motto of blog - "No scene" - is VERY correct.

I understand position "No leaks" (although don't understand what's mean "Anything I'm passed is kept in strict confidence"), so what I'm wating for, is maximum information about all aspects of Longhorn development, incl. reviews of all builds (especially 4060-line), most important concepts (not only UI, btw) etc.

I hope that you can achieve this goal as the creator of the blog, and I wish you good luck ;)

Panda X said...

I love the blog! I think it would be nice for a set time per build. Like each month a new build is featured. Also maybe some small clips of animated things like the Preview Pane, Carousel, Phodeo, etc.

Anonymous said...

I've read your blog since I first saw it on BA, and I enjoyed reading it ever since.

Maybe you could release some little things from those unseen builds (like the 5001 Wallpaper ^^) and maybe post more screenshots. Another thing I'd like to see would be some 407X builds, [X | X > 4].

Iian Kehn said...

A rather good blog mate, I have this favorited, and have been for a bit now.

Good stuff, keep it up.

Sandesk-CDR _ said...
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Sandesk-CDR _ said...

Sadly you're not going to leak all those builds. :c
But nice blog.

Also, can I get atleast the 4040 build in private way, will not leak!:)
Hope you don't mind, skype: fnafguycd